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Romance Novels Collection by Susan Coventry

Browse the complete collection of Susan Coventry's contemporary romance novels. Discover all your favorite tropes from friends to lovers, second chance romances, vacation romances, and more. From standalone romance books to series romances, there's something for every romance reader! 

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Flirting with romance is a dangerous game!

Kayla and Jack are coworkers and friends. Their relationship is fun and easy, and despite being of the opposite sex, there’s no sexual tension. Well, mostly. Kayla is attracted to Jack’s good looks and charming personality, but so is everyone else. She’d rather be his friend, than among his many admirers.

Jack has a dilemma. His parents are visiting for the holidays and want to stay with him, which would put a serious damper on his sex life. Not to mention, he’ll be subject to his mother’s disappointment that he has no interest in settling down. Suddenly, Jack formulates an idea, and it involves Kayla.

At first, Kayla is shocked at Jack’s proposal to move in with him. Even more surprising, he wants her to play his pretend girlfriend for the next six weeks. If she weren’t having trouble with her roommate, Josie, she would have turned him down flat. After a great deal of convincing, and despite her better judgment, she agrees to Jack’s scheme.

Jack enjoyed living alone, and having Kayla as a roommate takes some getting used to. He can’t believe how many products she uses, and how much space she needs. However, she always looks and smells amazing, even though she keeps him at arm’s length. Kayla constantly reminds him that she’s his pretend girlfriend, and when his parents leave, they’re still just friends.

Kayla can’t believe how quickly she acclimated to living with Jack. The hard part is keeping him at a distance emotionally. Soon, the line between friendship and romance is blurred, and she can’t imagine living without him.

Will Kayla and Jack’s pretend romance turn into true love? Or will they lose everything, including their friendship?

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Charlotte’s life was simple until her new tenant moved in. Despite their attraction, he’s much too young for her. But when their business relationship turns personal, will she take a risk on romance?

Charlotte (Charlie) Foster is the proud owner of a used bookstore in her hometown of Ortonville, Michigan. When her long-term boyfriend moves out, Charlie decides to rent the apartment above her garage. She’s looking for a quiet, mature tenant who won’t cause trouble. Her life is simple, and she wants to keep it that way.

Ryder Duffy is an auto mechanic who dreams of owning a custom car shop. For now, he’s working at his friend’s family-owned auto shop in Ortonville. Ryder is looking for an apartment nearby, and Charlie’s loft sounds like the perfect place.

At the interview, Charlie immediately recognizes Ryder since he works across the street from the bookshop. However, he’s not the kind of tenant she’s seeking. He’s too young and good looking, which only spells trouble. Yet, somehow, she ends up handing him the keys.

Charlie’s sister, Claire, also works at the bookstore and gushes over the hot guys who work across the street. When Ryder moves into Charlie’s apartment, Claire is determined to get to know them, and especially Ryder’s friend, Levi.

Charlie is intent on keeping a polite distance from her tenant, but when Ryder asks her to help him set up Levi and Claire, she agrees. The next thing she knows, the four of them are going on double dates! As Charlie and Ryder become closer, their age gap still worries her. Is this just a fling or do they have a chance at forever?

It’s Only Love is perfect for readers who enjoy a fun and sexy contemporary romance.

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She's grieving her fiancé. He's a divorced dad. When they bond, things seem great... except that he's her fiancé’s brother! Will guilt sabotage their love?

After losing her fiancé, Paul, in a tragic accident, Lexie is trying to move on. She finds solace in her job as a pediatric nurse, but her greatest comfort comes from Paul's brother, Evan, and his five year old daughter, Riley.

Evan couldn't save his brother, but he promised to watch over Lexie. As a newly single dad navigating a divorce, he realizes that he might need Lexie more than she needs him. When she offers to help out with Riley, Evan accepts. As they spend more time together, his feelings for her grow but so does his guilt.

After much persuasion from her friend, Lexie reenters the dating pool, but after a few lackluster dates, she decides she'd prefer to eat pizza and watch movies with Riley and Evan. When she realizes that she's been comparing every date to Evan, she tries to shut down her feelings, but love is rarely so fleeting.

Evan is ready to confess, but Lexie is still wrapped up in a whirlwind of emotions. Will his directness ruin their happy routine?

The Gift of You is a sweet and sexy standalone novel perfect for readers who enjoy contemporary romance, slice of life stories, and cozy reads.



Two strangers, one cabin, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado...

She went there to escape.
Reeling from a recent breakup, Eden books a private cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. She's looking forward to peace and solitude for four straight weeks. After the past few months, she's hoping this trip will be just what she needs to recharge before returning to her life in Michigan.

He went there for work.
Colorado is a nature lover's paradise, and Cole can't wait to experience it. He books a cabin in Estes Park, near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. He's looking forward to hiking, horseback riding, and exploring, but he also has work to do. Cole is a nature photographer and expects to capture many beautiful photos while he's there.
A booking mishap changes everything.
When Eden enters the rental cabin, she is shocked to discover its already occupied. Somehow, the cabin was double booked, and there are no other vacancies at the resort. She's forced to make an impossible decision: share the cabin with a stranger or forfeit her payment.
Neither of them are looking for love.
Cole and Eden decide there is enough room for both of them, and after agreeing to a firm set of rules, they settle in. In the meantime, Eden's ex-boyfriend is still hounding her, and she turns to Cole for advice. Despite his attraction to her, Cole tries to keep his distance. However, the more they get to know each other, the harder that is for both of them.
Journey to Colorado with Eden and Cole and find out what happens in Double Booked, a sweet and sexy standalone romance.



Island memories...
Some of Bree's favorite childhood memories are of visiting her grandparents at their cottage on Sanibel Island, Florida. This time, when she returns to the island, her heart is heavy. Her beloved grandparents are gone, and she's responsible for sorting their belongings and putting their house up for sale.
A new neighbor...
Zane lives on Sanibel year-round and owns a successful outfitter shop. The first time he meets his pretty new neighbor, Bree, he saves her suitcase from rolling into the road. He's attracted to her from the start, but she makes it clear she's not interested. For Bree, ignoring her sexy neighbor is almost impossible, especially when he seems determined to befriend her.
Sultry island nights...
When Zane offers to show her around the island, she agrees, but not for personal reasons. As a newspaper columnist, Bree intends to write a series of travel articles, and she could use his help. Seeing the island through his eyes, Bree finds even more reasons to love it, but she didn't plan on falling in love with him!
A new beginning...
Soon, Bree must make a major decision. Will she return home to Michigan or will she uproot her life for the man and island she loves?
Here & Now is a standalone contemporary romance with humor, heat, and heart.



Two teachers embark on a pretend romance, but there is no accounting for real love!
Friends and coworkers…
Lily Caldwell loves her job as a junior high school language arts teacher. It doesn’t hurt that her classroom is right across the hall from her handsome, charming coworker Trey. While she enjoys his friendship, she hides her attraction to him for a variety of reasons, and she’s determined to keep it that way.
A mutual attraction…
Trey Garrison enjoys his job as a math teacher even if it makes him sound nerdy. He also likes his pretty coworker across the hall and interacts with her every chance he gets. Lily is sweet and friendly, but she keeps her distance, and he’s dying to know why.
One conversation changes everything…
Lily tells Trey about her friend’s upcoming wedding at a popular ski resort. It should be fun, but she’s standing up in the wedding with Collin, her controlling ex-boyfriend, and wishes she had a date. She never expected Trey to volunteer or to play her “fake boyfriend” to prove to Collin that she’s moved on.
Love Lessons…
Trey can’t wait to spend more time with Lily. He excitedly prepares “lesson plans” to pull off their ruse. However, he hasn’t accounted for everything, including falling in love.
Teach Me Tonight is book one in the Love Lessons series, a sweet and sexy contemporary romance.



Love has a learning curve...
She's a single mom.

Reese Keller is a junior high school history teacher and mother of a young son. Between teaching all day, and caring for her son, Brandon, she doesn’t have much time left over for a social life. Her focus is on being a good teacher and mom, and she’s convinced that is all she needs.
He's her student teacher.

Nolan Hart can’t wait to graduate college and become a teacher, but first, he has to complete his student teaching assignment. In Ms. Keller’s history class, his goal is to make a good impression and do a stand-up job. Any attraction he feels toward her must be ignored. However, the more he gets to know her, the harder that becomes.
She tries to resist him.

Nolan is young, handsome, and charming, but she isn’t interested in becoming his friend or anything else. Her job is to mentor and evaluate him at the end of the semester. She’s determined to keep things strictly professional, but that becomes easier said than done.
He's determined to break down her walls.

Nolan slowly earns her trust, and they began spending time together outside the classroom as well as inside. Their path to romance isn’t a smooth one though. They have to contend with nosy coworkers, her surly ex-husband, and his jealous ex-girlfriend. Despite all the obstacles, he can’t help falling in love with her, and her son too.
What happens when his assignment is over?

Falling in love with her student teacher wasn’t in her plans. Suddenly, Reese feels like she has a lot to lose, including her job. As the end of his assignment nears, she wonders what happens next. Will Nolan walk away, leaving her and her son brokenhearted? Or do they have a chance at forever?

Find out in The Learning Curve, book two of the Love Lessons Series.



She was doing fine until he walked in!

Paige Brennan is at a good place in her life. She works as a junior high school counselor, helping kids navigate the tumultuous teen years. She shares her home with two lovable pets, a cat and dog, and considers herself happy or at least contented. Then, the man responsible for one of her most painful teenage memories, appears at her school. Just like that, her life is turned upside down.

He never stopped thinking about her.
Brody Romano, a proud police officer, is assigned to Paige's school as a police liaison. He's anxious to help beef up the school's security, but he has a personal reason for wanting to be there too. Paige was the girl next door and younger sister of his best friend. She was supposed to be off limits, but he never forgot the intimate moment they shared years ago.

She tried hard to forget about him.
As a teen, Paige had a major crush on her brother's best friend. She kept it hidden until that fateful night she mistakenly bared her feelings to him. Afterward, she vowed to forget about him and was mostly successful until he sauntered into her school.

He finally has a chance to make it up to her.
Brody is pleased when the principal asks him to work closely with Paige. Now he has a chance to redeem himself, though she doesn't share his enthusiasm. He has his work cut out for him, but he's up to the challenge. He's determined to show her the man he is today versus the boy she once knew.

Will she ever forgive him?
Working closely together forces Paige to confront her feelings about the boy who broke her heart. Despite his best efforts, she's reluctant to open up to him again. Will she overcome her fear and forgive him? Is this the second chance she didn't know she was waiting for?

Find out in The Make-Up Test, book three in the Love Lessons Series.



Jax manages the family resort. Avery is his sister's best friend and the new front desk manager. She's off limits, but he's enamored. What will he do?

After his parents tragically pass away, Jax throws himself into managing his family's resort at the base of the Smoky Mountains. He pours so much of his energy into his work that romance isn't even on the radar for him.

Avery, Jax's sister's best friend and roommate, moves from Knoxville to Townsend to be near her father, who is diagnosed with dementia and needs some extra care.

Avery applies for the open front desk position at Jax's resort, and he's reluctant to hire her. But when she blows him away at the interview, he realizes she's perfect. For the job, that is.

She's sweet and sexy but, more importantly, is his sister's best friend and his employee. Jax absolutely cannot have her. But the more he tries to push her away, the more he realizes that he can't imagine his life without her.

Will Jax and Avery give in to temptation and allow their lives to intertwine? Or will propriety draw a harsh line between them?

Close to Heaven is book one of the Sawyer's Ridge series and is perfect for readers looking for a sweet and sexy romance.

Order your copy now and fall into the touching and steamy world of Sawyer's Ridge.



Maddie is engaged to Cody's best friend. When she uncovers a big secret and relies on Cody for comfort, will they rekindle the passion in their past?

Maddie and Cody have known each other since high school and are opposites in every way. Maddie is studious, soft-spoken, and extremely organized. Cody is flirtatious, outgoing, and messy.

When they sit next to each other in history class, they unexpectedly bond and become best friends. Maddie is the girl of Cody's dreams, but she starts dating Cody's best friend, Wyatt.

Now, Wyatt and Maddie are engaged, and Cody finally needs to let go of the possibility that he could be with her.

But when Maddie discovers a secret, she starts to doubt her future with Wyatt and turns to Cody for help.

Suddenly, Maddie can't look past Cody's charm, humor, and good looks. In high school, she'd decided that they were too different to be together, but now, he seems like her perfect complement.

Will Cody reveal his true feelings and finally be with Maddie?

Mountain Dreams is the second book in the Sawyer's Ridge series and is a fun, emotional, romantic comedy perfect for readers who enjoy a good friends-to-lovers novel.



Brett is recently divorced. Dakota is his kids' teacher. Despite the age gap, they're drawn to each other. Will passion push them to cross the line?

Dakota is visiting her hometown to reconnect with family and head up a summer school. Brett is healing from his divorce and learning to be a single dad. Neither of them are looking for love.

But when Brett sees Dakota, he is swept away: she's smart, beautiful, and great with his kids. She's the perfect woman.

But there's a problem. A few, actually. She's much younger than him, his kids' teacher, and his boss's sister. There's no way he can be with her. Besides, she's probably more interested in the men her own age.

As the summer progresses, Dakota becomes more and more attached to Brett and his kids. She tries not to fall for him, especially because she returns to Knoxville at the end of the summer, but something about him is magnetic.

Will Brett and Dakota stick to the safety of their established lives or pursue the connection sparking between them?

Paradise Found is book three of the Sawyer's Ridge series and is perfect for readers looking for a fun, refreshing romance between an older man and a younger woman.

Order your copy now and delve into the sweet, steamy world of Sawyer's Ridge one last time.



She's a divorcee in her 30s. He's the boss's hot, young nephew. Tasked with training him, will she stay in line or take a chance on mutual attraction?

Stacy is a 35-year-old divorcee who has a great job, wonderful friends, and a huge stack of romance novels to keep her company.

Nick is the 27-year-old nephew of Stacy's boss. He just lost his job and moved from Florida to Michigan to work for his aunt.

When Stacy is put in charge of training Nick, she expects him to be like the other trainees. But when he walks into the office on his first day, he looks like an even hotter version of the male lead in her current book club pick.

Stacy does everything she can to shake her attraction to Nick. He's her boss's nephew, only in Michigan temporarily, and way too young for her. Besides, compared to the other girls at the office, she doesn't stand a chance.

Will Stacy give in to her desire and take a chance on Nick? Or will their spark fizzle out before it has a chance to ignite?

Too Good to Be True is an older woman younger man romance perfect for readers looking for a sweet and sexy love story.

Order your copy now and find out if Nick really is too good to be true.



When she starts secretly dating her brother's best friend, she uncovers a startling truth. Will their budding romance end before it can truly begin?

Kelsey has been crushing on Hudson, her brother's best friend, ever since she met him. She wants to go out with him, and the only thing standing in her way is her brother, Jared. He keeps telling her that Hudson's a total player, but the more he tries to keep her away, the more determined Kelsey is to break through.

Hudson always honors the so-called friend code, which means that his best friend's sister is off limits. But the more he gets to know Kelsey, the harder she is to resist.

Casting aside the friend code and Jared's concerns, Kelsey and Hudson start seeing each other in secret.

Hudson is everything Kelsey imagined and more. But during a romantic weekend together, Kelsey uncovers Hudson's big secret and finally understands Jared's warnings.

Will Kelsey leave Hudson behind? Or will she find it in her heart to give him a second chance?

Best Kept Secret is a brother's best friend romantic comedy perfect for readers looking for a sweet, feel-good story.

Order your copy now to discover if Hudson's best kept secret will drive Kelsey away.



Jenna's first love is back in town, but she's had 12 years to hate him for breaking her heart. Will she take a second chance on this romance?

Jenna remembers her first love, but it's not with fondness. Twelve years ago, Beck broke her trust and heart, then moved away. Since then, Jenna's become a successful, independent woman, and she's happy with her life.

Beck remembers his first love. He's tried everything but can't seem to let her go. His mother is diagnosed with cancer, and when he moves back home to be near her, he hopes he can reconnect with Jenna.

Luck is not on his side. Jenna is determined to cling to the life she's built and fend off his advances. She refuses to make the same mistake she made 12 years ago. Nothing is worth the pain of a broken heart.

But hatred is best stoked from afar. Before she knows it, Beck has wormed his way back into her life, and it's harder and harder for her to push him away.

Second Time Around is a contemporary romance perfect for readers who enjoy sweet stories about a second chance at love.

Order your copy today to find out if Jenna will fall for the same man twice.



A broken-hearted woman. A determined man. A new beginning.

She’s still healing.
Gillian Scott lost her fiancé over a year ago in a tragic accident. Since then, she’s focused on building her business and slowly piecing her life back together. A Latte Books, the bookstore that she owns in charming, downtown Holly, Michigan, is gaining popularity. But there’s one customer she could do without—a handsome, local cop who triggers sad memories from her past…

He’s determined to help her.
Sam Nichols is a local policeman who regularly stops into the bookstore/coffee shop that Gillian owns. He knows about her past, but he can’t bring himself to tell her. In the meantime, he feels inexplicably drawn to her, though she barely gives him the time of day. Still, sensing her vulnerability behind the strong exterior, he’s determined to break down her walls. If only she’ll open her heart and let him in…

A new beginning.
Gillian slowly lets Sam (and his dog) into her life as a friend. But when something happens to threaten her safety, Sam comes to her rescue, and she starts to see him in a whole new way.

Then Came You is book one of the Village of Holly series, a sweet and sexy small-town romance.



Will she decide that love is Worth the Risk?

A single woman…
Savannah Palmer likes books, coffee, fashion, and flirting in any order. As part owner of a successful independent bookstore, she’s content with her single lifestyle, and she’s not looking for love. However, she’s not against dating, and she does plenty of that, or did until he came along.
A single dad…
Brady Evans is a single dad to a sweet, five-year-old daughter, Ella, who has been struggling ever since her mother left. Outside of working and taking care of Ella, he doesn’t have time for much else including dating. Even if he did, Ella isn’t ready to accept another woman into their lives.
A chance at love…
Savannah first meets Brady and Ella at the bookstore, but when she discovers they’re her new neighbors, her life takes an unexpected turn. There’s no denying the attraction she feels toward Brady and the connection to his daughter, however, she’s afraid to get too involved. Very few people know about her painful past and the real reason she avoids attachments. But soon, she must decide if love is…Worth the Risk.

Worth the Risk is book two of the Village of Holly series, a sweet and sexy small-town romance.



Will pretending to be in love lead to the real thing?

Frustrated with her lackluster love life, Lauren is determined to make some changes. For years, she's harbored feelings for her friend Elliot, but he seems content to keep her in the friend zone. If only he would see her as a woman and not just a friend...

Max has been hired to paint Lauren's house. But when she laments about Elliot, he offers to help her get Elliot's attention by posing as her pretend boyfriend. As Max and Lauren become closer, the game they're playing starts to feel real. If only she'd look at him the way she looks at Elliot...

In time, Lauren begins to see both Elliot and Max in a different light, and it has her questioning everything. Maybe she and Elliot were never meant to be more than friends. And why does pretending to be in love with Max feel so good?

The Real Thing is book three of the Village of Holly series, a sweet and sexy small-town romance. All three books can be read as standalones, but to learn more about Lauren and Max, check out Then Came You and Worth the Risk.



A grieving woman. A reluctant hero. A sweet escape.

It’s been a rough year for Callie Cooper. First there was the break-up of her seven-year relationship, and then her beloved grandmother died. But her grandma left her more than just a grieving heart. Before her death, she booked Callie an all expenses paid trip to Kauai. Eight weeks in Hawaii sounds like the perfect escape…

Chase Edwards is anxious to escape the cold Michigan winter, his tedious job, and his cheating girlfriend. Luckily, he was able to take a much-needed sabbatical on the beautiful island of Kauai. He plans to relax, do some sight-seeing, and avoid women at all costs. But avoiding one woman in particular is easier said than done…

When Callie and Chase meet, they form a reluctant friendship. The more time they spend together the harder it is to deny their attraction. Neither of them wanted to get involved, but once they do there’s no turning back. Will their time together become a fond vacation memory, or do they have a chance at forever?

Find out in Chasing Forever, book one of the Sweet Escapes series.



Sometimes love comes along when you least expect it…

Chloe loved her job as a dance instructor, but when the dance studio she works for goes bust, she’s thrust into unemployment. She’s about to resort to waitressing when her best friend, Elle, contacts her about a nanny position. While the job sounds appealing, Chloe will have to relocate to Naples, Florida, hundreds of miles away from home…

Bryce is the divorced father of precocious five-year-old Molly. He’s looking for a new nanny to replace the one he recently fired for making a pass at him. His requirements are simple: the applicant must have experience, know CPR, and be willing to move in with them for the summer…

When Chloe and Bryce meet, they experience a powerful attraction, though neither of them intends to act on it. Chloe can’t afford to lose another job, and Bryce adheres to a strict policy of not mixing business with pleasure. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their attraction. Will Chloe and Bryce succumb to the passion that burns between them? Do they have a chance at forever or are they just…Chasing the Sun?

Chasing the Sun is book two of the Sweet Escapes Series, a series of standalone vacation romances.



She’s dreamed about him for years…

For Michigan girl Morgan Delaney, moving to Arizona for a three-month job shouldn’t be that big a deal—except for one small detail. Her new boss happens to be Gabe, the older brother of her best friend since childhood. And while she’s sure that he still sees her as that pimply, flat-chested friend of his annoying little sister, she’s had a raging crush on him since the moment she first laid eyes on him. What could such a gorgeous, successful man like him possibly see in her now?

Seeing her again is like a dream come true…

Gabe Matthews should have felt like he had it all—a nice home, his own graphic design company, and the attention of beautiful women—but when Morgan walks back into his life after nine years, all he can seem to think about is her. She’s beautiful, whip-smart, and sweet—a lethal combination—but even if he wasn’t her boss, what hope for a relationship could they have with her heading back to Michigan in three months?

A romance like nothing they’ve dreamed…

Both know they must push aside their feelings, but while their heads have decided to keep things professional, their hearts might already be chasing the dream…

Chasing the Dream is the third volume of Sweet Escapes, a series of sexy, standalone vacation romances.



Broken up with by her fiancé, Beth is heartbroken. When she moves in next to a hot, single dad, will she pursue romance or protect her healing heart?

Abandoned by her fiancé, Beth Summers is left reeling. When her aunt offers her a cottage in the charming town of Harbor Springs, Beth jumps at the chance for some relaxation. A quiet, bayside town seems like the perfect remedy for an aching heart.

Abandoned by his wife, Colton Woodward is heartbroken and a newly single dad. He spends his days working as a carpenter and taking care of his son, Joey.

Beth ends up moving in next to them, and even though he's not looking for love, Colton finds himself drawn to her. When Beth finds out that Joey hates reading, her instincts as a teacher kick in, and—much to Joey's dismay—she becomes his reading tutor.

Beth is happy to have a distraction, but the more time she spends with Colton and Joey, the less she can deny her growing feelings for Colton and her attachment to Joey.

Are Beth and Colton ready to take a chance on their instant connection? Or will fresh wounds keep them apart?

The Perfect Distraction is a steamy romantic comedy perfect for readers looking for a sweet story about a second chance at love.

Order your copy now and enter the world of Harbor Springs.



When Simon decides not to hire Becca, so he can date her, Becca writes him off as a player and a jerk. Will Simon convince her to give him a chance?

Becca Summers is a feisty, self-assured realtor too focused on her career to worry about dating.

Simon Calloway is a rich and successful real estate broker notorious for being a playboy, but he has one rule: never mix business with pleasure.

The moment he interviews Becca for a position at his firm, Simon knows he has to turn her down. If he hires her, he'll be too tempted to break his only rule. Simon chases after Becca, but she vows to stay away from him: who cares if he's hot? He's arrogant and egotistical.

But avoiding him proves to be virtually impossible in the small town of Harbor Springs, and the more time she spends with him, the less she wants to push him away.

Will Becca change her mind and let Simon into her life?

The Perfect Gentleman is book two in the Harbor Springs Series but can be read as a standalone. It's the perfect story for readers seeking a sweet and sexy enemy-to-lovers romance.

Order you copy now and find out if Simon can really be the perfect gentleman.



When Brooke's best friend—and secret crush—gets engaged, she is devastated. She moves to Harbor Springs as an escape, but will love follow her?

Brooke Summers has been in love with her best friend for 7 years. When he gets engaged and asks her to be part of the wedding, her world crumbles. How can she help the man she loves marry someone else?

Looking for a fresh start, Brooke moves to Harbor Springs, where her sisters live.

Mason Woodward has been attracted to Brooke since he met her a year ago. Now that she's back in town, his passion is rekindled, and he wants to pursue his feelings.

Too hung up on her own heartbreak, Brooke can't seem to see Mason as more than a good friend. Mason thinks he has been relegated to the friend zone until Brooke's sisters intervene, conspiring to bring them together.

Will Mason's feelings reach Brooke? Or will she stay lost in the fog of her first love?

The Perfect Blend is the third book in the Harbor Springs Series but can be read as a standalone. It's the perfect story for readers seeking a sweet and steamy romantic comedy.

Order your copy now and discover a world of simmering passion.



A young widow. Her husband’s best friend. A forbidden love.

Harper has been widowed for almost two years when she discovers that she’s attracted to her late husband’s best friend. But it feels wrong to want him, and she desperately tries to keep her feelings a secret.

Finn has been Harper’s faithful companion ever since his best friend’s premature death. He’s supported and protected her, but he wouldn’t dare fall in love with her. Besides, she only thinks of him as a friend, right?

But the more time they spend together, the closer they become, and the more difficult it is to deny their feelings.

Finn wasn’t her first love, but will he be her last? Travel with Harper on her emotional journey as she learns to conquer her fears and finally allows herself to…Capture the Moment.

Capture the Moment is the first book in the O’Brien Brothers Series.



A good girl + A bad boy = A big mistake?

Julia knows exactly what she wants, and it isn’t bad boy Connor O’Brien, even if he is devastatingly handsome. She knows his type, and she doesn’t want him to be her next mistake.

But Connor isn’t one to give up easily, and he eventually convinces her to go out with him. As long as she keeps her emotions in check, what could possibly go wrong?

She should have known it was a mistake, and when Connor’s ex-girlfriend resurfaces and reveals a huge secret, Julia’s life is turned upside down.
Will she and Connor have a future together, or will he turn out to be…The Sweetest Mistake?

The Sweetest Mistake is Book Two in the O’Brien Brothers Series.

anything for you cover-.jpg


In this conclusion to the O’Brien Brothers Series, the youngest brother, Liam, gets his chance at love, but it won’t be easy!

Starting over…
McKayla Gray has had her share of problems, and she’s looking for a fresh start. When she takes a job with the O’Brien brothers, she has a chance to redeem herself. The last thing she wants is more trouble.

Her sexy boss…
So why does her new boss have to be so irresistible? McKayla does her best to ignore the sizzling chemistry she has with Liam O’Brien, but it’s nearly impossible. Every time she turns around, he’s there, charming her with his sweet and sexy ways.

A dangerous situation…
She never asked for a knight in shining armor. But, when McKayla is stalked and threatened by an overly amorous suitor, Liam rushes to her aid. How can she resist him when he proves time and time again that he’d do “Anything for You?”

Anything for You is the third book in the O’Brien Brothers Series. For fans of sweet and sexy contemporary romance with a touch of humor!



After a bad breakup, Jess blames herself and heads to the bar looking for trouble. Will she give in to the allure of a one-night stand or delve deeper?

When Jess walks in on her boyfriend cheating with another woman, she has a revelation: her uptight, good girl personality is boring and must have driven him away. Determined to shake up her image and try out the bad girl life, she ventures out to her local bar looking for a one-night stand.

Done with her drinks and out of hope, Jess calls the night a failure. But before she can pay her tab, she runs into Shane, her coworker and best friend's brother.

He's attractive and personable but is also known to be quite the player. Jessica is usually quite the proper woman, but Shane might be exactly what she's looking for tonight.

Will she make a move and have the no-strings-attached night of passion she's been looking for? Or is Shane's reputation a total ruse?

Custom Built for Me is a standalone contemporary romance novel perfect for readers who enjoy a sweet and sexy romance with a touch of humor.

Order your copy now and join Jess on her new lease on life... and men!



In this follow-up to Custom Built for Me, Jess and Shane, and Hannah and Ty are off to the U.S. Virgin Islands for their double wedding.

While Jess is thrilled to be getting married to the man of her dreams, she’s nervous about reuniting with her dad and sister, who she’s been estranged from since her mother died. A wedding, though, might be the perfect occasion for their reconciliation.

In the meantime, Hannah is very pregnant, and her primary concern is fitting into her wedding dress! How she wishes that her best friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law were experiencing the same thing too. Little does she know her wish may come true sooner than later.

And then there’s Matt, the best man and brother to Shane and Hannah. He’s just become single again, but it doesn’t look like he will be for very long. Matt quickly becomes enamored with the maid-of-honor, who happens to be none other than Jess’s sister!

Join these couples and their families as they celebrate love and Christmas at…An Island Christmas Wedding!



Emma Murphy first laid eyes on the tall, dark, and sinfully handsome Zack Kostas when they stood up in a wedding together.

five years later, they meet again, both newly divorced and in the process of rebuilding their lives.

Emma finds comfort in the bookstore that she owns, while Zack is busy caring for his four-year-old daughter Gracie.

Despite their attraction, Emma and Zack decide to be “just friends,” but soon discover that staying in the friend zone is easier said than done!

Sometimes love comes along when you least expect it, but when will Emma be ready to trust her heart again?

How will she know when the time is right to begin…A New Chapter?

Twice as Tempting.jpg


Kelly Cruise liked her life. A self-proclaimed “serial dater,”

Kelly works at a bookstore owned by her best friend, Emma, and she enjoys the variety of men that she meets there. She has no intention of “settling down,” unlike Emma who recently fell head over heels for a handsome Greek man named Zack Kostas. Little did Kelly know that her own life would be turned upside down when she met Zack’s brother…

Damian Kostas is an edgy tough guy, with a penchant for fast cars and fast women. He carries the scar of a failed relationship, and has committed himself to bachelorhood ever since. When Kelly and Damian met the first time, there was an instant attraction, and even though he was only in Michigan for the holidays, they got caught up in a whirlwind romance.

After the holidays, Damian returned to his home in San Diego, and Kelly didn’t hear a word from him for eight long months. Now he’s back in town to serve as the best man in his brother’s wedding, alongside Kelly, the maid of honor, and this time he plans to stay.

While Damian makes it clear that he wants to pick up where they left off, Kelly isn’t so willing. This time she wants more than just a fling, and she won’t settle for less, even though she finds him…Twice as Tempting!



Rachel and Ben were high school sweethearts who thought they’d be together forever, but they broke up when they went off to rival colleges.

Now, almost twenty years later, Rachel is a teacher and single mom to seven-year-old, Abby. She hardly has time to reminisce about her high school love, but that all changes in a blink of an eye.

Ben is a single dad to seven-year-old Noah, and they recently moved into the school district where Rachel teaches second grade. When Ben and Noah walk into Rachel’s classroom for the first time, his world turns upside down.

As Rachel and Ben forge a new relationship, they must navigate around their exes and Noah’s objections to their friendship. Even if Noah comes around, will Rachel get past the hurt Ben caused her all those years ago? Life was much simpler when it was just the two of them, but what will happen now that it’s…Me & You Plus Two?

Me & You Plus Two is a sweet and sexy second chance romance.



A mountain getaway. Two wandering souls. An instant attraction.
Stephanie flees her stagnant life in Michigan for the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to pursue her dream of writing a novel.

Logan has also escaped to the mountains to write a nature guide and to heal from a tragedy in his past.

When Stephanie and Logan meet, sparks fly, but they both have a long list of reasons why they shouldn’t get involved. Avoiding each other proves impossible as they’re neighbors on a lonely mountaintop, and Logan takes it upon himself to protect her.

It doesn’t take long before Stephanie wants much more than his protection, but Logan seems determined to keep her at bay. Stephanie and Logan encounter obstacles at every turn, but will they discover that there’s no place better than…Right Here With You?



Widowed at thirty-five, Samantha (Sam) doesn’t expect to find love again. Instead, she focuses on her job as a school librarian, friendships, and a close relationship with her sister. She hasn’t had much interest in dating, until he came along…

Jason, a twenty-three-year-old college student, is Sam’s neighbor, although she barely knows him. That all changes when she hires him to do some yard work over the summer. Jason is smart, sweet, and extremely mature for his age, not to mention hot! Soon, they strike up an unlikely friendship that leads to more...

As their relationship intensifies, Sam questions how it can possibly survive. They face disapproval from family and friends, and Jason’s return to college in the fall. Is this just a summer fling or do they have a chance at forever?

See You Then is a sweet and sexy older woman/younger man romance that will captivate you from beginning to end.



Nikki Branson swore off men a long time ago. She runs a successful real estate business and has a cuddly cocker spaniel to keep her company.

What more could she possibly need? When a Hollywood agent contracts Nikki to find a rental home for his superstar client, she hadn’t even heard of Nate Collins. Her first mistake, looking him up on Google...

Nate Collins is Hollywood’s latest sensation and most eligible bachelor. All he wants is a quiet place to stay while he’s in Michigan filming a movie, and who better to find it for him, than the most sought after real estate agent in town.

When Nate and Nikki meet, sparks fly, but their lifestyles are worlds apart. Logic tells Nikki it will never work, now if she could only convince her heart of that…



Kate Stephens has had a crush on her co-worker, Luke Donovan, for over a year, but he has no idea.

The company they work for has a strict non-fraternization policy, and the fact that they’re both managers doesn’t help. Since she can’t have the real man, Kate does the only other thing she can think of--she writes a romance novel using Luke as her muse! Chances are he’ll never read it, right?

When Kate and Luke are paired up for a work assignment, she discovers that their attraction is mutual although Luke is determined not to act on it. But when they attend a managers’ weekend retreat their relationship really heats up. Will they be willing to risk their careers for a chance at love?

In the end, will Kate discover that true love is Better Than Fiction?

Better Than Fiction is Susan Coventry's fifth standalone contemporary romance novel. For fans of sweet and sexy romantic fiction with a touch of humor.

“… readers should enjoy Coventry’s witty narrative style, complex characters, and knack for flirtatious dialogue.” – Kirkus Reviews



Sophia and Drew became friends in high school, and ten years later they're still friends.

She's harbored a secret crush on him all that time; however, lately, it's been threatening to spill out. When Sophia is invited to a friend's destination wedding, she asks Drew to escort her—as her pretend boyfriend. If she can't have him for real, at least she can make believe for a little while.

Soon, she realizes that playing a pretend couple draws them dangerously close to the line that she never expected to cross. While she enjoys getting to know Drew in a whole new way, she fears that their friendship is at risk. Once she has a taste of him, though, she can't help but want more.

After a series of events threaten to derail their new relationship, Sophia must decide whether to put her heart on the line.

Will she risk trading their friendship for love? Find out in...Love Notes.

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Double Booked
Teach me tonight
The Learning Curve
Close to Heaven
Mountain Dreams
Too Good To Be True
Best Kept Secret
Second Time Around
Then Came You
Worth The Risk
The Real Thing
Chasing Forever
Chasing The Sun
Chasing The Dream
The Perfect Distraction
The Perfect Gentleman
The Perfect Blend
Capture The Moment
The Sweetest Mistake
The Make-Up Test
Paradise Found
Anything For You
Custom Built For Me
An Island Christmas Wedding
A New Chapter
Twice as Tempting
Me & You Plus Two
Right Here With You
See You Then
Starring You And Me
Better Than Fiction
Love Notes 1
New Book 1

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