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After the War is Over - Post WW1 Historical Fiction.

After the War is Over is a historical fiction novel set in England after WW1.  This is a story of Charlotte, an ex-military nurse who works for a government relief agency.  The devastating effects of the war are found everywhere, including close to home.  Charlotte's former employer and best friend's brother, Edward, returned from the front with a missing limb and a shattered soul.  When his sister, Lilly, asks Charlotte for help rehabilitating Edward, she can't refuse, for she's secretly in love with him.  Charlotte and Edward spend a month together in a secluded cabin where she aids in his recovery.  Afterwards, she returns to Liverpool, knowing that she may never have a future with him because of his title as Earl of Cumberland.  Charlotte returns to her work with fervor, and begins writing newspaper articles to illustrate the dire needs of the people.  This is the second novel that I've read by Robson, but I enjoyed the first one more.  I found After the War is Over to be slow-moving and dull at times.  If you like reading WW1 fiction, I would recommend Somewhere in France, which takes place during the war and has a lot more action.