4 Stars

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Titans - Family drama and historical fiction in one.

Titans is a family drama/historical fiction novel set in Texas in the early 1900s.  At the heart of the story are Samantha and Nathan, twins who were separated at birth. Samantha resides with her adoptive parents who run a large cattle ranch, while Nathan lives with his mother and stepfather on their farm. They know nothing of each other or their true parentage until their worlds collide by happenstance. In the year 1900 oil was being discovered in Texas, and many people were anxious to cash in on the finds. Samantha, who helps her parents run their ranch, is resistant to drilling on their lands. She has a strong interest in paleontology and would rather be digging for dinosaur bones. Through a series of interesting and heart wrenching events, Nathan begins working for an oil company when he crosses paths with the sister he never knew he had. Titans is a long detailed saga that includes themes of love, friendship, family, and betrayal. Historical elements are scattered throughout giving the reader some insight into Texas history and the country at large. There are several twists and turns in the book that keep the reader engaged, although at times you may feel like the story will never end. If you like sprawling historical and family fiction, you may enjoy Titans. For more historical fiction recommendations, click here.