4.5 Stars

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Sting - Engaging Romantic Suspense.

Sting is an engaging romantic suspense novel with multiple twists and turns. Jordie, an attractive business owner, becomes ensnared in her brother's criminal world when she tries to save him from a ruthless killer. In the process, she's kidnapped and held captive by an enigmatic man named Shaw, who is also after her brother. Jordie fears for her life, but despite numerous threats, Shaw leaves her unharmed. Alarmed by her growing attraction to Shaw, and concerned for her brother's life, Jordie manages to escape. But she doesn't get far. The story takes another twist when she discovers Shaw's true identity, and then their personal relationship really heats up. Sting was the type of book that I found difficult to put down. There were surprises around every corner and the chemistry between Jordie and Shaw was scorching. If you're a fan of romantic suspense, I would highly recommend this book. I would also recommend the many romantic suspense novels by Nora Roberts.