3.5 Stars

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Roomies - Contemporary story of a pretend marriage.

Roomies is the latest contemporary romance from author duo, Christina Lauren, featuring an aspiring writer and an aspiring musician. Holland discovers Calvin in a subway station, where he sits and plays his guitar for money. At first, it's his music that attracts her, but he's also extremely good looking, and she becomes obsessed with him. When Holland is accosted in the subway station, Calvin comes to her rescue and that marks the beginning of their relationship. When Calvin confesses that he lives in NYC on an expired visa, Holland concocts a plan to help him stay in the country. She introduces him to her uncle who works on a Broadway production, and she offers to marry him! While they pretend to be a couple, they also fall in love, but there are some obstacles to overcome first. Having read most of Christina Lauren's books, I had high expectations for this one. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed. My favorite parts were the interactions between Calvin and Holland as they became closer. However, I felt like there weren't enough of those scenes. To me, the story was heavy on the music aspect, and light on the relationship aspect. So far, I've enjoyed the author's Beautiful series more than their recent books. If you're a fan of sweet and sexy contemporary romance, you might like Roomies. For more romance recommendations, see my list of favorite romance novels.