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The Paris Architect - Suspenseful World War II Fiction.

The Paris Architect is a suspenseful tale set in German-occupied France during World War II.  Lucien is an architect who is having trouble making ends meet ever since the Germans took over Paris.  When a French businessman offers him a job designing hiding spaces for Jews, Lucien's first instinct is to refuse. However, he ends up taking the job which leads to even more work.  Lucien is asked to design some factories that will be used by the Germans to produce war materials.  When he agrees, his wife accuses him of cavorting with the enemy, and eventually she leaves him.  Lucien is in a precarious position as he continues to design intricate hiding spaces for displaced Jews and works for the Germans at the same time.  When one of his German co-workers grows suspicious of his activities, the stakes grow even higher, for Lucien has agreed to harbor an orphaned Jewish boy in his own home.  The Paris Architect is a fast-paced novel full of danger and intrigue and many colorful characters.  The story gives the reader a very real sense of what it must have been like living in German-occupied France at that time, when danger lurked around every corner.  I have read numerous books about World War II and this ranks high on the list.  Another great tale of bravery during wartime is All The Light We Cannot See.