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The Ones Who Got Away - Sizzling Contemporary Romance.

The Ones Who Got Away is book one of a sizzling contemporary romance series by Roni Loren. Liv is reunited with her high school love, Finn, under less than ideal circumstances. They've returned to their high school to participate in a documentary about the horrific shooting that took place there during their senior year. Liv and Finn were among the lucky ones who survived, but many of their friends were killed, and neither of them has completely healed. Finn has since become an FBI agent who is bent on finding the criminals who provided guns to teens. Liv is a website designer who has buried herself in work as a distraction. When they see each other after all these years, their chemistry still burns hot, although both of them are reluctant to pursue it. When Finn takes a forced vacation at a nearby lake house, he invites Liv to spend some time there too, where she can pursue her true passion—photography. But spending all that uninterrupted time together proves dangerous as they slowly give in to passion, knowing that it's only temporary. When summer ends, Finn has to go back undercover, and he could be absent for months or years. The knowledge doesn't stop Liv from falling in love with him all over again and vice versa. The Ones Who Got Away has a perfect blend of romance, passion, friendship, and conflict. I found the characters to be very real and likable, and the conflict they faced felt real too. The story kept my interest until the end, and I'm planning on reading more books in this series. If you enjoy steamy romance novels with an engaging plot, you might like The Ones Who Got Away. For more romance recommendations, follow this link.