An Island Christmas Wedding is now available!

An Island Christmas Wedding is now available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99! (Paperback version to follow in the next day or two.) This story is a continuation of Custom Built for Me, however, it could be read as a standalone. If you enjoy short romantic holiday stories, check it out!  Here's a synopsis and happy reading! In this follow-up to Custom Built for Me, Jess and Shane, and Hannah and Ty are off to the U.S. Virgin Islands for their double wedding.  While Jess is thrilled to be getting married to the man of her dreams, she’s nervous about reuniting with her dad and sister, who she’s been estranged from since her mother died.  A wedding, though, might be the perfect occasion for their reconciliation.In the meantime, Hannah is very pregnant, and her primary concern is fitting into her wedding dress!  How she wishes that her best friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law were experiencing the same thing too.  Little does she know her wish may come true sooner than later.And then there’s Matt, the best man and brother to Shane and Hannah.  He’s just become single again, but it doesn’t look like he will be for very long.  Matt quickly becomes enamored with the maid-of-honor, who happens to be none other than Jess’s sister!Join these couples and their families as they celebrate love and Christmas at…An Island Christmas Wedding!      An Island Christmas Wedding Susan Coventry