4.5 Stars

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The Identicals - Engaging family drama.

The Identicals is Hilderbrand's latest family drama set on the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. This story centers around identical twins, Tabitha and Harper Frost, who couldn't be more different. After their parents divorced when they were teens, Tabitha lived with their mother on Nantucket, and Harper moved with their father to Martha's Vineyard. Even though they lived only a short distance away, their lives became vastly different and they were essentially estranged. When their father dies, the two sisters are thrust back together and slowly begin to mend the tears in their relationship, although there are a lot of bumps along the way. At one point Tabitha and Harper trade places; Harper moves in with her niece on Nantucket while Tabitha renovates their father's tumble-down house on Martha's Vineyard. Tabitha finds love with the contractor she hires to work on the house while Harper runs their mother's clothing shop on Nantucket. In true Hilderbrand fashion, there are a lot of additional characters in the story as well as a good many twists and turns. I find her novels to be mostly enjoyable and engaging, however, with all of the characters and sub-plots, they can become confusing at times. If you enjoy family dramas with a touch of humor, you may like The Identicals. If you've never read Hilderbrand before, check out my other reviews of her books.