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Here's to Us - Family drama on Nantucket.

Here's to Us is a complicated family drama that takes place on the quaint island of Nantucket.  In a weathered beach house, three ex-wives, and the children of one man, converge for his funeral.  Deacon Thorpe, a well-known celebrity chef dies suddenly of a heart attack in the Nantucket home that he has always loved.  When all three of his former wives show up to spread his ashes, a great deal of drama ensues as none of them get along.  Laurel, Deacon's first wife, attempts to run the show along with Buck, Deacon's best friend.  Belinda, a famous movie actress is Deacon's second wife who "stole" him away from Laurel. Scarlett, was Belinda and Deacon's nanny, until she "stole" him away from Belinda.  (Notice the pattern here.)  Aside from the tension between the wives, each of their children have issues too, the oldest son with a serious drug problem.  Here's to Us is similar to Hilderbrand's other novels, in that they address serious family issues set against the charming backdrop of Nantucket.  However, I found this novel a bit difficult to follow and too convoluted at times.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of, and very few of them are likable.  I felt most sympathetic toward Laurel, the first wife, who seemed to be the most relatable of the bunch.  Of Hilderbrand's books, I would recommend The Rumor over this one.