4 Stars

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Hard As You Can - Edgy romantic suspense.

Hard As You Can is book 2 of the Hard Ink Series.  This is an edgy romantic suspense story involving Shane, an ex-Special Forces medic, and Crystal, a waitress at a strip club who's trying to escape her rough life. Shane and some of his ex-Army buddies have formed a vigilante team, and they are trying to bring down an organized crime group. Crystal's boyfriend, Bruno, is part of the criminal group, and when Shane and Crystal meet she agrees to help him. Crystal has been making plans to leave Bruno and her dead-end job behind, but she needs the money to support her and her sister, Jenna, until they can make their escape. Working alongside Shane, Crystal can't help but fall in love with him, and the feeling is mutual. However, they can't truly be together until Bruno is out of the picture. This is the second book I've read from the Hard Ink Series, and although I've read them out of order the story still makes sense. There is a lot of action, and some violence, however, there are sweet and sexy scenes too. If you like romance novels with an edge, you may enjoy Hard As You Can. I would also recommend Lori Foster, who writes similar stories about tough alpha-males and the women they love.