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Everyone Brave is Forgiven - Unique tale of WWII.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven is a unique tale of WWII set in London.  As the men are called up to enlist, Mary North wants to do her part too.  When she volunteers to help the war effort, she's assigned as a school teacher to a misfit group of kids.  When the children are evacuated to the English countryside, Mary loses her job, but then she meets Tom who is on a school board and helps her get reassigned. Mary and Tom fall in love while the war rages around them.  In the meantime, Tom's roommate, Alistair, enlists and is sent off into the heart of battle.  A brief meeting between Mary and Alistair sets a new course for the three of them, as the story alternates between Alistair's tales of courage on the battlefield and Mary and Tom's bravery in war-torn London. This story is long yet engaging with a lot of surprising twists.  There is a great deal of violence described in graphic detail which is typical of war stories. However, there are also scenes depicting love, romance and humor.  Having read a great many WWII novels, I would say that while Everyone Brave is Forgiven is well-written, I have enjoyed other war stories more.  See my list of favorite historical fiction for further recommendations.