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I, Eliza Hamilton - History, Romance, and Heartbreak.

I, Eliza Hamilton is a historical fiction novel based on the lives of Eliza and Alexander Hamilton as told from Eliza's perspective. The story begins with the couple's first meeting at her parents' home where Eliza is instantly attracted to the handsome, dynamic soldier. Some time later, they begin a courtship that will lead to marriage. Eliza and Alexander's love affair is full of passion and romance, however, they encounter their share of problems too. Alexander is ambitious almost to a fault, and can't be content in one position for long. He becomes George Washington's right-hand man during the Revolution and stays by his side throughout Washington's presidency. Soldier, lawyer, writer, speaker, and staunch Federalist, Alexander becomes widely known and respected in some circles, yet despised and ridiculed in others. His political career takes him away from home for long periods which is difficult on Eliza, especially once they have children. Still, Eliza remains her husband's most stalwart supporter, assisting him with his work whenever she can among her household duties. Together, they experience many blissful years, but some are mired in tragedy as they lose close friends and relatives to fever outbreaks. Despite Alexander's frequent absences, he and Eliza have eight children together, although they lose their oldest son in a duel a few years prior to Alexander's death. If you're familiar with the story already, none of this is surprising. What struck me about this book is the way in which Eliza is depicted and especially her incredible strength. By the sounds of it, Alexander wasn't an easy man to live with, however, her love for him was so deep and unfailing, that setbacks (including his infamous betrayal) only served to strengthen their relationship. It's amazing to think that after all she suffered, Eliza lived to be ninety-seven years old, lauding her husband's accomplishments until the very end. If you're a fan of American historical fiction, you might enjoy I, Eliza Hamilton. My only complaint is that sometimes the story reads more like a history book than a novel, which makes it seem longer than it is. I would also recommend The Hamilton Affair which covers the same material but at a faster, more readable pace.