4 Stars

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Come Sundown - Another engaging romantic suspense novel from Roberts.

Come Sundown is an engaging romantic suspense novel from the master, Nora Roberts. This is the story of the Longbow family who own a ranch/resort in rural Montana.  At the center is Bodine, an ambitious, hard-working young woman who runs the resort. When one of her female employees is found dead, the Longbow family is reminded of the mysterious disappearance of Bodine's Aunt Alice years ago. The story alternates between Bodine's peaceful life and blossoming love affair with Callen, a ranch hand, and Alice's terror-filled life as a captive of a crazed lunatic. The stories converge when Alice is able to escape and reunites with the Longbow family, but her captor is still at large. An unexpected twist at the end will keep readers on the edge of their seat waiting to see how the story plays out.  If you are a Nora Roberts fan, you will probably enjoy Come Sundown. I have read a great many of her novels, and this book ranks right up there with the best of them. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to make each story fresh and new while using familiar themes of family, love, and friendship wrapped in mystery. Check out my reviews of some of Nora's most recent romantic suspense novels.