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The Cherry Harvest - Engaging WWII Drama.

The Cherry Harvest is an historical fiction novel set in Wisconsin during WWII.  Farm-owners Thomas and Charlotte Christiansen, are having difficulty feeding their family of three, while their son Ben is overseas fighting the war.  In their desperation, they agree to let a group of German POW's work their land during the cherry harvest with devastating consequences.  One of the prisoners, Karl, is a handsome well-educated man who becomes a tutor for Kate, the Christiansen's teenage daughter.  At first Charlotte is leery to invite the prisoner into their home, but then she develops an overwhelming attraction to him. When Charlotte is attacked by another prisoner, Karl comes to her rescue drawing them even closer together.  Kate becomes suspicious of her mother and Karl, when she witnesses some strange interactions between them, but she is hiding her own relationship with a wealthy boy on a neighboring farm.  The Cherry Harvest is a fast-paced novel that is part suspense, part romance, and part history.  The reader is made to empathize with the struggles that these characters face during wartime.  When Ben returns home wounded and broken, the story wraps up with a series of startling events.  If you like WWII fiction that centers around a family drama, you may enjoy The Cherry Harvest.  I would also recommend The Nightingale, one of my all-time favorite war dramas.