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On Broken Wings - Emotional, sizzling romance.

On Broken Wings (book three of the Wild Aces series) is an emotional, sizzling contemporary romance. Dani lost her husband, an F-16 fighter pilot, a year ago and she's still grieving. Surrounded by other members of the squadron and their wives, she slowly begins to heal. And then there's Alex (nicknamed Easy). He was one of her husband's best friends, and now he's become one of hers. As their friendship grows, romantic feelings surface, making Dani feel guilty and confused. But she can't seem to stay away from Easy, and on the night before he's set to deploy to another country, their passion explodes, taking them down a path that neither one of them expected. What I really liked about this novel, is the realness of the characters and their intense emotions. The reader can feel Dani's pain, uncertainty, and guilt, as well as identify with Easy who's acting out of love for a woman that he never thought he could have. Every interaction between the two characters is fraught with emotion, and the sex scenes sizzle! If you're a fan of sweet and sexy contemporary romance, you might enjoy On Broken Wings. For other novels with strong alpha males and plenty of sizzle, I would also recommend books by Lori Foster.