Reeling from a recent break-up, Jessica McClean decides it’s time to try something new. Aside from making changes to her appearance, she needs a new lease on life and on men. Enter sexy builder Shane DeMarco of DeMarco & Sons Building Company, where Jess works as a new homes sales consultant. Besides working together, there are plenty of other reasons why Jess shouldn’t get involved with him. Her best friend, Hannah, who happens to be Shane’s sister, warns Jess that her brother is a confirmed “player.” But Jess isn’t looking for a serious relationship anyway. Beginning with a chance late-night encounter, Jess and Shane agree to a no-strings arrangement, or at least, it starts out that way. It doesn’t take long for Jess to wonder if the player might turn out to be the one who is…Custom Built for Me. Custom Built for Me is Susan Coventry's sixth standalone contemporary romance novel. For fans of sweet and sexy romance with a touch of humor!“… readers should enjoy Coventry’s witty narrative style, complex characters, and knack for flirtatious dialogue.” – Kirkus Reviews 
Kate Stephens has had a crush on her co-worker, Luke Donovan, for over a year, but he has no idea. The company they work for has a strict non-fraternization policy, and the fact that they’re both managers doesn’t help. Since she can’t have the real man, Kate does the only other thing she can think of--she writes a romance novel using Luke as her muse! Chances are he’ll never read it, right? When Kate and Luke are paired up for a work assignment, she discovers that their attraction is mutual although Luke is determined not to act on it. But when they attend a managers’ weekend retreat their relationship really heats up. Will they be willing to risk their careers for a chance at love? In the end, will Kate discover that true love is Better Than Fiction?Better Than Fiction is Susan Coventry's fifth standalone contemporary romance novel. For fans of sweet and sexy romantic fiction with a touch of humor.“… readers should enjoy Coventry’s witty narrative style, complex characters, and knack for flirtatious dialogue.” – Kirkus Reviews 
Samantha Sullivan, a forty-year-old widow, is resigned to her single status. She never expected to fall for her hot, twenty-three-year-old neighbor, Jason Grant. Will their budding romance survive in spite of the age difference? What will happen when Jason returns to college in the fall? Is this just a summer fling or do they have a chance at forever? A sweet and sexy romance novel that will captivate you from beginning to end.

"...readers should enjoy Coventry’s witty narrative style, complex characters, and knack for flirtatious dialogue." - Kirkus Reviews

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Nikki Branson swore off men a long time ago. She runs a successful real estate business and has a cuddly cocker spaniel to keep her company. What more could she possibly need? When a Hollywood agent contracts Nikki to find a rental home for his superstar client, she hadn’t even heard of Nate Collins. Her first mistake, looking him up on Google... Nate Collins is Hollywood’s latest sensation and most eligible bachelor. All he wants is a quiet place to stay while he’s in Michigan filming a movie, and who better to find it for him, than the most sought after real estate agent in town. When Nate and Nikki meet, sparks fly, but their lifestyles are worlds apart. Logic tells Nikki it will never work, now if she could only convince her heart of that…
Emma Murphy first laid eyes on the tall, dark and sinfully handsome Zack Kostas when they stood up in a wedding together. Five years later, they meet again, both newly divorced, and in the process of rebuilding their lives. Emma finds comfort in the bookstore that she owns, while Zack is busy caring for his four-year-old daughter Gracie.
Despite their attraction, Emma and Zack decide to be “just friends,” but soon discover that staying in the friend zone is easier said than done! Sometimes love comes along when you least expect it, but when will Emma be ready to trust her heart again? How will she know when the time is right to begin…A New Chapter?
"This book is well-paced, with just enough sexual tension and steamy scenes.  A flirty love story and fun beach read." - Kirkus Reviews
Kelly Cruise liked her life. A self-proclaimed “serial dater,” Kelly works at a bookstore owned by her best friend, Emma, and she enjoys the variety of men that she meets there. She has no intention of “settling down,” unlike Emma who recently fell head over heels for a handsome Greek man named Zack Kostas. Little did Kelly know that her own life would be turned upside down when she met Zack’s brother… Damian Kostas is an edgy tough guy, with a penchant for fast cars and fast women. He carries the scar of a failed relationship, and has committed himself to bachelorhood ever since. When Kelly and Damian met the first time, there was an instant attraction, and even though he was only in Michigan for the holidays, they got caught up in a whirlwind romance. After the holidays, Damian returned to his home in San Diego, and Kelly didn’t hear a word from him for eight long months. Now he’s back in town to serve as the best man in his brother’s wedding, alongside Kelly, the maid of honor, and this time he plans to stay. While Damian makes it clear that he wants to pick up where they left off, Kelly isn’t so willing. This time she wants more than just a fling, and she won’t settle for less, even though she finds him…Twice as Tempting!