Better Than Fiction - An excerpt from my latest contemporary romance novel.

Here's an excerpt from my fifth contemporary romance novel, Better Than Fiction.

Kate didn’t feel like talking.  She just wanted to stay like this—forever if possible.  But then Luke pulled back just a little, his hands coming to rest on her hips.



“Look at me.”

She sat back, her arms still resting on his shoulders.  He moved his hands up the sides of her body and then cupped her face.  Their faces were a mere inch apart, and they were both breathing heavily.  Very slowly and very gently, he placed his lips on hers, just enough for her to feel the pressure and long for more.

Kate let him lead, already having decided that she would take whatever he was willing to give.  She wouldn’t ask, and she wouldn’t be greedy, but she would be open to whatever was transpiring between them.  If it made Luke feel better to go at this slow pace, then she would go along with it—at least for now.

Better Than Fiction is available on Amazon in ebook and trade paperback.  Happy Reading!

Better Than Fiction Susan Coventry