4.5 Stars

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After We Fall - Sexy romance between a city girl and a country boy.

After We Fall is a contemporary romance between a city girl from Detroit and a country boy who owns a farm in Michigan's thumb.  Margot, a rich girl from the Detroit suburbs, meets Jack, a farmer, when his family hires her as a marketing specialist.  Jack is a widow and an ex-Army guy with a lot of emotional baggage.  Margot has just come off of a failed relationship and is looking for a fresh start out from under her wealthy parents' watchful eye.  When Margot and Jack first meet, they feel an instant attraction, however, Jack is determined not to act on it.  The more time that Margot spends on his farm getting to know him and his family, the more their attraction grows, until one sexy encounter in the woods leads to another and another...  Their relationship can't move forward, however, until Jack lets go of his painful past.  There are a lot of emotional ups and downs in this book, along with a lot of steamy sex scenes.  There is also a healthy dose of humor to soften the rough edges.  This is the second novel that I've read by Melanie Harlow and I will definitely read more.  If you like romance with edgy alpha-male heroes, you may enjoy After We Fall.  I would also recommend Lori Foster, who writes similar characters.